Berla Mundi Interviews CEO of Akiboat Impressions And Eeish Therapeuticals, The Beautiful Akua Boatemaa Oppong-Attah

Professional photography and photojournalism remain male-dominated industries across much of the world.

In Ghana, the story is not any different. However, we have seen few women challenge the narrative and one of them is on the #BYouProject today.

Meet CEO of @akiboatimpressions and @eeish.gh, Akua Boatemaa Oppong-Attah. She also happens to be the official photographer of www.peacefmonline.com and the Despite Media Group.

With her craft, she has set a standard for modern professional photography. How has she survived in such a male-dominated industry and has it been lucrative?

Please contact Akiboat on 0541884601.

Watch below: