Brandon Rangel: Failure Is The Key To Success

Entrepreneurs can enjoy success and suffer failure. It is how they handle failure that defines their next steps in the business world.

Failure should be seen as a learning experience. Young freight magnate Brandon Rangel experienced bankruptcy but saw it as a way to reinvent himself.

At the age of 16, this young businessman took his first steps to understand the world of stock trading. In 2016, he became a freight broker and, within a year, owned a trucking company. A few years later, he began dabbling in Forex and the world of e-commerce. In 2021, he sold a part of his company and applied a full-time focus to Forex while mentoring others.

After utilizing Forex and e-commerce as his main sources of income, Rangel had to file for bankruptcy. He has since recovered his success and strives to guide others through this process. He describes himself as an ambitious individual who will never give up. He also offers the advice that nothing is impossible and people should learn from their past.

Rangel has returned to the Forex and e-commerce markets with learning from the challenges he endured. He has developed patience, problem-solving skills, and service skills. It is not a stretch to say that this millennial entrepreneur has reinvented himself based on his failures. Today, Rangel makes money even while he sleeps, thanks to the automated nature of e-commerce.

While the pandemic has crushed some businesses, it has propelled others. Thanks to the online selling of masks, Rangel found a source of income and financial freedom. COVID-19 created a new set of demands, and Brandon Rangel found the supply to meet these demands. He has gone from the rock bottom of losing his trucking company to becoming a smash e-commerce success. It is due in part to the adage he lives by: nothing is impossible.