2020 US Election, Violence, Kidnapping Plots & Huge Spike in Gun Sales

Folks in Michigan are panicking and rushing to stock up on guns ... and it's not just 2nd Amendment enthusiasts ... it's all sorts of folks who are scared stiff over the prospect of violence on the heels of the election.

Gun and ammo stores across Michigan are seeing a huge surge in folks trying to buy firearms, and it became all too real when their Governor became the target of a plot to kidnap and possibly kill her. But, the reality is ... tensions have been brewing all year, and around people are arming themselves.

Sue Sizemore, store manager of Recoil Firearms in Taylor, MI, tells TMZ ... her shop is seeing guns fly off the shelves, and they've already sold out of Glocks, AKs, semiautomatic pistols and ARs.

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