My Passion Is To Share My Knowledge and Help People Succeed In Life - Kris Whitehead

It’s not unusual to dream of becoming your own boss, especially when you are slogging at a grueling 9–5. However, few people are willing to take the plunge and face the enormous risks involved in the absence of any external motivation.

Kris Whitehead is the owner of two multi-million dollar companies, but his main goal is helping other people find the success they’ve always been destined to reach.

Kris Whitehead is the owner of Iconic Alliance, which offers mentorship and coaching to men who want to work to improve their lives. He loves to work with people who need a bit of a push in getting started in their business, and entrepreneurs who are doing well but need a little help to make their enterprise the best that it can be. “My passion is to share my knowledge and help people succeed in life,” said Kris.

“It’s so rewarding to me to watch the people I coach make millions of dollars and be able to run their own lives. That’s why coaching is so important to me.”

In addition to his coaching, Kris has written a book titled Becoming ICONIC: How to Make Today’s Ceiling Tomorrow’s Floor. “I understand that not everyone can manage to start their journeys through one-on-one coaching,” says Kris.

“I wanted those people to have a path to success.” Through his book, Kris helps people dream better and learn to survive the battles of business. “The trenches will reveal that today’s limits are merely obstacles to overcome. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, whether it be in a 9-5 job or in an existing entrepreneurial venture, the book is for you.”

Trying something new is often incredibly scary. Thankfully, entrepreneurs such as Kris Whitehead are always eager to share their knowledge with the world and help entrepreneurs succeed in pursuing their wildest dreams.