Sickle Cell: Check On Children With Sickle Cell Condition Regularly - ANAQ Foundation Boss

A sickle cell crisis is a pain that can begin suddenly and last several hours to several days. It happens when sickled red blood cells block small blood vessels that carry blood to your bones. You might have pain in your back, knees, legs, arms, chest, or stomach.

The pain can be throbbing, sharp, dull, or stabbing.

The President of ANAQ Foundation and a victim, Mrs. Ama Nyarko Attafuah Quainoo, has therefore appealed to the school authorities to put measures in place to periodically check on schoolchildren with such non-communicable diseases especially during this period where the weather is not favorable to them.

Some children with sickle cell conditions who are writing their senior high school final examination may have a crisis, therefore school heads and teachers should put measures in place to able a situation should anyone experience such.

Speaking in an interview on Hello FM's NEWS, she also advised children with SCD conditions to avoid exposing their bodies during this season where the weather is predominantly cold and COVID-19 is still on the rise.

According to experts, underlying non-communicable conditions including sickle cell are contributing factors to Coronavirus related deaths in Ghana.

Even though you are in school, make sure you take your drugs, eat well, build your immune system because according to experts, strong immunity also fights against the deadly Coronavirus. If you have any complaints, contact your school heads immediately”.

Support groups for children with sickle cell disease can be helpful to enable appreciate and cope with these situations. These support groups enable them to share their worries with peers who have similar concerns and feelings, she added.

"In as much as children with sickle cell anemia do not have learning difficulties, fatigue and recurrent pain can influence their ability
to concentrate in school".

ANAQ Foundation, a member of the Ghana Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance is a sickle cell non-governmental organization and over the years the foundation has been embarking on community and school health tours to educate and screen people on diseases.

We wish all final year students especially children with SCD conditions well in their examination.