NPP ABANGA celebrates Mothers on Mother’s Day

A youth activist of the ruling New Patriotic Party Mr. Abanga Fusani Yakubu popularly known as “NPP ABANGA” has shared in the quote by Rudyard Kipling to define mothers that because God could not be everywhere, he made mothers (smiles).

Wishing all Mothers, a great day and celebration, NPP Abanga mentioned that Mother is the only word that cannot be defined in a single phrase because the word “Mother” embodies all the LOVE that humanity could possibly offer.

Mr. Fusani reminiscing the motherly love and upbringing he has received and continues to enjoy from different mothers under the motherhood concept shared with the public that a mother is not just a biological one or someone who gave birth to a child. This he said, “if you ask me, I have been raised by different mothers and all have contributed and shaped my life till this far, and I am still enjoying motherhood from all mothers across our nation; from home, the bigger family, my party and everywhere.”

Indeed, it is a mothers’ day celebration, and we are all proud with joy to celebrate motherhood today. Mr. Fusani, therefore, urges everyone to continue to celebrate mothers even when not a day like this is set to honor and celebrate mothers. “Our thank you mother, I love you mom, you are the best that could happen to the family on every occasion and moments are ways to continuously show gratitude and appreciation to our mothers all the time,” Mr. Fusani added.

In his final words, Mr. Fusani said that all the wonderful things our mothers do for us are out of unconditional love, and interestingly they will not stop just because we 50 or 60 years old and live in another town, region, and/or country. It is said that “Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children” (smiles)

Happy Happy Mothers’ Day to all Mothers!!!!!!!! We love you all!!!!!