Entain Foundation Partners With Chance For Childhood Charity In Ghana

The Entain entertainment group has announced its plans to partner with Chance for Childhood, a charity working to support vulnerable children and pregnant mothers, to help develop economically struggling areas of the Accra metropolitan area in Ghana, West Africa.

The partnership converges in the form of Chance for Childhood’s new initiative, Change the First 1000 Days, in which the focus is placed on helping poverty-stricken children gain access to early childhood education in order to thrive in their later lives.

The new initiative looks to provide infrastructure and support for 600 students as they transition through early childhood development and provide the tools and structure necessary to help them develop and, hopefully, to set them on a path for success in the future.

The Entain Foundation (Entain PLC)

If you’re not familiar with Entain, that’s not surprising since it has recently rebranded itself from GVC Holdings to a more customer-facing brand. The name may have changed but Entain remains one of the world’s largest sports betting and gaming holding companies in the world. Its operations span the globe, operating in the online and retail sectors.

Entain launched a global foundation in September 2019 to coordinate and support the Group’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives, objectives, and donations around the world. Its goal is to raise £100 million by 2025 to support a variety of charitable causes as well as launching its new “Pitching In” program that supports grassroots sports and amateur athletes.

“The Entain Foundation was set up to enable our business to contribute back to society and support communities around the globe. We are proud to be able to support the invaluable work of Chance for Childhood, to make a transformational positive impact on such vulnerable children,” commented Entain Group CEO Jette Nygaard-Andersen.

Entain maintains that as it continues to expand its operations financially, it will continue to grow and broaden its ongoing humanitarian efforts as well. Entain has already proven itself to be a positive model for corporate work in the communities of underserved and disenfranchised youth. Hopefully, Entain's donation will encourage other online casino companies in Ghana to get more involved in helping the local communities, providing much-needed assistance to a sticken area.

Chance for Childhood

“Our vision is of a world where no child is forgotten.”

Chance for Childhood has done some incredible work in helping the disenfranchised youth of the world since 1992. The organization started as a single entity named Jubilee Action in Brazil that championed the rights of children and worked toward ending the abuse of children who have suffered since the Candelaria Massacre in Brazil.

Since then, it has rebranded from Jubilee Action to Chance for Childhood and has become a global force for the good of children. Its reach and efforts have helped pass laws that stopped the imprisonment of children in the Philippines, given street children without homes a chance at a better life, and continued to support and help children throughout the world.

Chance for Childhood has been internationally recognized as a leading on-the-ground charitable organization, providing a safe space for vulnerable and poverty-stricken children, as well as affording them access to quality education, healthcare, healthy food, and recreational activities.

Change the First 1000 Days

The first 1000 days of a child’s life are the most formative, developmentally speaking. In cooperation with Entain Foundation, this pilot program will support 600 out-of-school children who are living on the streets of Accra as well as 10 Government Kindergarten Schools in low-income areas

Change the First 1000 Days also looks to provide first-hand studies and evidence to emphasize the importance of early childhood development. This information will be invaluable to educators and charities as it will give empirical data on the importance of early childhood development and the specific needs of high-risk youth in Ghana. This data will also be extremely valuable in refining existing programs and creating new data-driven programs to health the disenfranchised youth of Ghana.

A partnership for good

Anna-Mai Andrews, the Co-CEO at Chance for Childhood, said that “Chance for Childhood are absolutely delighted to join forces with The Entain Foundation and all their incredible team to support this critical work to transform the first 1,000 days of children living in some of the world’s most unsafe, violent and challenging environments.”

Amid a news flurry of corporate mergers and acquisitions and billions of dollars projected in the growth of the online gambling industry, it’s incredibly encouraging to see this kind of philanthropic work being done by a leading iGaming company with the funds to make a massive difference in a community that can really benefit from the assistance.

The Entain Group did well to partner with such a reputable charity group with a track record of excellence and empowerment that has made such an impact in so many lives.