Billionaire Freedom Jacob Caesar In A Cage With One Of His Tigers - PHOTOS

Who’s Jacob Caesar?

The Ghanaian is the driving force behind the Freedom Coin – a native African utility token that arose from Freedom’s desire to educate the youth about investing and development. In a recent publication by Yahoo Finance, he was described as a well-known African philanthropist and entrepreneur, who is making waves with his latest announcement: “I will invest 20% back into the first 15 million people who invest in Freedom Coin.”

“With Freedom Coin, I am looking forward to Africans rediscovering the worth of our legacy. My forebears bestowed riches and intelligence to me, and I intend to return the favor. That’s why I am giving away billions of Freedom Coins to the first 15 million investors across Africa. I believe in our collective power to build this great continent together,” he said in the publication.

Freedom Jacob Caesar was named Ghana’s CEO of the Decade in 2021, and chairs Kwarleyz Group, which comprises five companies: Wonda World Estates, Petronia City Development, New Africa Construction, Belfast City & Property Management and New Africa Foundation.

Caesar was born in Ghana and an alumnus of the University of Westminster in London.

He is a Ghanaian developer, philanthropist and visionary who has changed the skyline of Ghana with his landmark developments (Wonda World), ushering in a grand template for Africa, according to kuulpeeps.