Ramaphosa Keeping All Options Open Amid Scandal

South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa is keeping all options open, amid the "Farmgate" scandal, after an independent panel found he may have committed serious breaches of the constitution, violated an anti-corruption law, and acted in a way inconsistent with his office.

He has "all options on the table", according to a quote from his spokesperson reported by the Reuters news agency.

Mr Ramaphosa's critics accuse him of having covered up a burglary at his farm nearly three years ago.

He denies wrongdoing but faces the possibility of impeachment.

Over the afternoon, speculation was swirling that Mr Ramaphosa could resign.

The damning report has raised tough questions for South Africa's president, including:

-Why did he have some $580,000 stored inside a sofa?

-Why was the theft of that money not reported to the police two years ago?

-Why do the buffalo he says were sold in return for the money remain on the farm?