Self-Proclaimed Chief Jailed 15 Months For Fraudulent Land Sale

An Accra Circuit Court has sentenced a self-proclaimed chief and businessman to 15 months imprisonment for a fraudulent land transaction.

Nii Kotey Susubribi, also known as Nii Isaac or Kotey Nii Quaye, who claims to be the chief of Abehenase, near Amasaman, was found guilty of charges including threats of death and fraudulent transactions.

The court, presided over by Evelyn Asamoah, sentenced him accordingly. The convict shed tears as he awaited police officers to escort him to prison to begin his sentence.

The prosecution, led by Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Seth Frimpong, stated that the first complainant, Alfred Agbosu, was a businessman residing at Achimota, while the second complainant, Freeman Kofi Owusu, was a businessman living at New Achimota, Accra.

ASP Frimpong explained that in 2003, Mr Agbosu, the first complainant, purchased 1.869 acres of land at Abehenease from the Amah Asor family, which was lawfully presented by the accused person's late elder brother, Kotey Nii Kwei.

The prosecution mentioned that Mr Agbosu subsequently obtained Land Title Certificate No. GA 22047 dated December 2005 covering the land.
According to the prosecution, Mr Agbosu built two single rooms on a portion of the land and gave it to his caretaker, Korsi Tondey.


The court was informed that Mr Agbosu had never been harassed until February 21, 2015, when the accused person, now a convict, began interfering with Agbosu's land, claiming ownership of the same land.

The prosecution stated that in March 2015, the convict and his group of thugs consistently threatened Mr Agbosu's caretaker, Korsi Tondey, to vacate the land or face death.

"The caretaker, fearing for his life, packed his belongings and left the land. The accused person then fraudulently sold a portion of the land to unsuspecting members of the public, including the second complainant, Freeman Kofi Owusu, for GHc42,000."

The prosecution added that a search obtained from the Land Registration Division of the Land Commission in Accra confirmed Mr Agbosu's title to the land.