NPP Fires Duncan Williams: "If We Don't Love Our Own, You Won't Be Here"...But NDC Backs Bishop

The two major political parties; the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the opposition National Democratic Congress are butting heads over recent comments made by Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, founder and leader of the Action Chapel International.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams is reported to have expressed sadness over how Ghanaian businesses are treated by various governments in the country.

In a sermon on Sunday, 1 September 2019 at Action Chapel International, Duncan Williams said: “the level of insecurity, envy and jealousy in this country is amazing. And if you look at our political system, the way it’s designed, it enhances jealousy and envy. So, it has become a vicious cycle where we have become a society of bringing down one another. Any government that comes, they’ll tell them that: ‘This man is NPP, or this man is NDC; he’s an enemy of our party, he’s an enemy of state, he’s an enemy of the nation, pull him down, bring him down. And we’ll take away everything he has and give it to foreigners..."

Days after that sermon, the NPP says it was wrong for Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams to claim that government does not support indigenous businesses in the country.

Speaking in a panel discussion on Peace FM's 'The Platform' programme, a member of the Communication Team of the ruling party, Sly Tetteh said Archbishop Duncan Williams is a testimony that the ruling government is not against indigenous banks.

"I have a lot of respect for Duncan Williams but I disagree with what he said. It is not true that we don't love our won. if we don't love our own, he himself would not have been successful today..."

Watch his full discussion in the video below

Meanwhile, the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) thinks Duncan Williams should be hailed.

Deputy Communication Officer in the Bono Region, Eric Adjei, speaking on the same platform, bemoaned the fact that the ruling administration has collapsed indigenous banks in the country leaving the foreign ones and that if the words of the Archbishop will be adhered to, it will help the country.

Watch his take in the video below