NDC Man Calls On Police To Arrest Allotey Jacobs

The former Deputy National Organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mahdi Jibril, has called on the Ghana Police Service to arrest the former Central Regional Chairman of the party, Bernard Allotey Jacobs who alleged that some unknown members of the NDC want him dead.

According to him, such utterances must not be tolerated hence Police must act immediately by arresting him.

His comments come after Allotey Jacobs alleged that some unknown members of the NDC have sent a death squad after him. He said he was alerted by a high-ranking member of the party and believes he would have already been dead if not for his guardian angel’s timely alert. "I've been calling people in Accra and I want the message to get to Ghanaians that this is what the NDC is planning to do, maybe they have been told by their juju men that my blood can win them elections in 2024. NDC is capable of doing it (killing me), I trust the NDC in some of these things…I've been around for a long time in Ghanaian politics and I know of a lot of things," Allotey Jacobs said.

However, Mahdi Jibril said the Police must invite and question him [Allotey Jacobs] about his unfold allegations against the NDC. "I'm pleading with the Ghana Police Service to arrest Bernard Allotey Jacobs as soon as possible, he can’t make those allegations without evidence and go free. He must be called to justify why he made those allegations.
"We have no time for Allotey Jacobs because we have a nation to rescue," he said on Accra-based Kingdom FM.