Burkina Faso Determines Prices of Tomatoes In Ghana – John Dumelo Reveals

Ghanaian actor, politician, and farmer, John Dumelo has listed reasons for the high prices of tomatoes in Ghana.

John Dumelo explained in a post sighted on Twitter.

According to his first reason, Ghana import tomatoes from a neighboring country, Burkina Faso as the country (Burkina Faso) determine prices for Ghana.

Also, it is risky to drive into Burkina Faso because of highway robbers. John Dumelo added that the exchange rate of CFA to Ghana’s cedi is another factor.

Suggesting a solution, John Dumelo said Ghana should grow its own tomatoes using an irrigation system from September through to April every year.

He writes;

“High prices of tomatoes, Reasons: We buy from Burkina and they determine prices for us. 2. It’s risky driving into Burkina because of highway robbers. 3. Exchange rate CFA- Cedi. Solution: Grow our own tomatoes using irrigation from Sept through to April each year. Thanks”