Former Sports Minister Reveals How Two Ghanaian Players Were Sacked By European Clubs For Using 'Juju'

Former Ghana's Sports Minister, Nii Lante Vanderpuiye, has revealed how black magic popularly known as ''juju'' has ended the career of some amazing Ghanaian footballers who had a lot of prospects.

The former Ghanaian commentator in an interview spoke on how some Ghanaian footballers started off their career in the domestic league but due to the reliance on juju instead of their skill or talent faded out easily.

Vanderpuiye disclosed how two Ghanaian players were sacked by the clubs in Italy and France for using black magic.

“There was a situation a player has been sacked from Italy because he was dabbling in those things,” the MP for the Odododiodio Constituency said.

“And anytime they go to the dressing room, he will be the last one to come out because when all of them are going out, he had to put certain things on his body before he gets out. But there were cameras there and they caught him.

“There was another case in Belgium when a talisman fell from a player (goalkeeper) so he was trying to pick it up and a goal was scored.”

Mr. Vanderpuye said another Ghanaian footballer failed to perform in France when he was stopped from performing his rituals in Europe.

“The thing is so endemic. I have had a situation where a player who was sent out to France, a wonderful player, but because he was not allowed to do those things, his football career ended.

“Because he had believed so much in those things that he thinks without them there is no way he can play,” the legislator added.