“Hypocrite, You've Stooped Very Low, My Brother.” - Mathias Pogba Pens Open Letter To Younger Brother Paul Pogba From Prison Cell

WHAT THEY SAID: Mathias Pogba has now doubled down on his accusations against the 29-year-old superstar of world football, whom he considers to be a “vile and despicable” human, saying in a series of videos: “If you are watching this video it is because my brother Paul has found a way to shut me up, either by targeting me directly and physically, or my discrediting me by accusing me of things I have not done.

Maybe even through tricking the police like has done in the past with my cousin, with the goal to shut me up. There is a big chance that I am not the only one, because he is in the process of shutting up all that could reveal things by using his celebrity, his money and his relationships and all other means possible. That is why, I have made this video with the aim that whatever happens to me, all will be revealed, about my brother, hypocrite, manipulator of me, this bad and arrogant man, this criminal, will be exposed.