Families of England Players Could Pay £250 Each For a Meal at the World Cup . . . Luxury Hotels Set to Cost £3,000 a Night

The families of England players have been warned they can expect to pay £250 a head for meals in Qatar during the World Cup.

Relatives of the squad attended a briefing at Wembley before Monday’s match against Germany, when they were consulted on a number of logistical and security details ahead of the tournament.

And they were told they face exorbitant prices in Qatar.

One of the most eye-popping examples was the prospect of paying £250 each for a three-course meal with drinks.

Some families have looked at renting private accommodation, with quotes as high as £350,000 for the tournament for a property with up to six bedrooms. 

Many have made reservations with Qatar hotels or on cruise liners, but others could base themselves in Dubai.